Time schedule

Proposed Time Line

Week 1

a.  Brief students on project (Task 1)

b.  Students prepare photo and short introduction of themselves (which includes biodata such as age, birthday, hobbies, class, and email address) (Task 2)

Week 2

a.      Students prepare photo and short introduction of their school (school profile)  (Task 3)

Week 3

a.      Students familiarize themselves with the ICT platform (Task 4)

b.      Students upload photo and short introduction (Task 5)

c.  Students upload their school profile (Task 6)

Week 4

a.      Students prepare an alphabetic system and pronunciation rules of their native language and equip them with audio/video materials (Task 7)

b.  Students upload Task 7 (Task 8)

Week 5 – 8

a.      Students translate the daily conversation in English into their respective native language (Task 9)

b.      Students record the translation/ create a video of translated conversation (Task 10)

c.      Teacher goes through draft with each group with editing and improvements (Task 11)


Week 9

a.  Students prepare a list of custom and habit of their respective countries that should or should not be done to avoid misunderstanding or even frictions that might happen when they interact each other.  (Task 12)

b. Students to start forum discussion on the existing situations (Task 13)

) * Teacher to monitor discussion

Week 10

a.      Students prepare a compare and contrast analysis on the similarities and differences on language features based on the translation of all country members (Task 14)

Week 11 – 14

a.  Teams conduct a research to trace back the history of the language and find out how the language similar or different to a certain language (Task 15)

b.   Teams to upload and share result of the research (Task 16)

c.  Teacher goes through draft with each group with editing and improvements (Task 17)

Week 15

a.      All teams to share about their experiences and difficulties faced during the implementation of the project. Students should also highlight how they have overcome the obstacles faced (Task 18)

Week 16

a.      All teams to reflect on the tasks and what they have learnt from the project, on the benefits of working with students from another country and the collaboration they had with them. (Task 19)

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